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DNA nanorobot destroys cancer cells

Posted February 20, 2012 By Kevin Orrman-Rossiter

Researchers  have manufactured an autonomous nanorobotic device made from DNA which delivered instructions, encoded in antibody fragments, to two different types of cancer cells — leukemia and lymphoma. This was a proof of principle experiment.  In each case, the message to the cell was to activate its “suicide switch” — a standard feature that allows […]

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Nano-scale materials make cooler, more efficient infrared detectors

Posted February 16, 2012 By Kevin Orrman-Rossiter

Researchers have shown how infrared photodetection can be done more effectively by using certain materials arranged in specific patterns in atomic-scale structures. This significant advance was accomplished by using multiple ultrathin layers of the materials that are only several nanometers thick. Each layer is deposited by a technique called molecular beam epitaxy.  The successive layers […]

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